What they’re saying about “Great Moments in New Orleans History, Volume 2” – The new book by Bud Faust

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“What we have on our hands here is a genuine comedic talent. There is a lot of H.L. Mencken and Hunter S. Thompson and William S. Burroughs in Faust’s work.” – Douglas Brinkley, author/historian, The Great Deluge

“Bud Faust’s Great Moments in New Orleans History, Volume 2 is hilarious. And since New Orleans history is what it is, I’m not quite sure where the actual facts leave off and the funny takes over –  which makes the whole read that much more enjoyable.” – Paul Sanchez, musician/author

“…bespeaks genius…Being funny about a place that’s already as intrinsically funny as New Orleans takes real talent…Faust’s work is good, and important.” – Dan Baum, author, Nine Lives

“A New Orleans extravaganza! Faust’s book is tailor made for anyone willing to laugh at our fair city’s foibles.” – Diana Grove, author, Dot.Conned – The Outrageously Funny, 100% True Accounts of Conning Internet Con Men

“Bud Faust is both an expert on the history of New Orleans, and f-ing hilarious.” – Matt Davis, News Editor, The Portland Mercury

“As if the first collection of hilarious historic New Orleans events was not enough, local playwright Bud Faust has done it again with Great Moments in New Orleans History, Volume II.” – Kim Ranjbar, sucktheheads.com

“Absurdist hilarity at its unmistakable best. Bud Faust’s new book of poetic jests on New Orleans should be enshrined at City Hall as indelible testimony to our singularly-flawed, creaturely existence. Great Moments is a tell-all scriptorium of the marvelous imposture which arrives when a citizen is bidden to speak the unspeakable truth.” – Dave Brinks, poet/publisher